Teddy Luke

Teddy Luke is our very own travel guru, he has been to a huge number of places with many of our families here at St. Luke's. If you would like to take him away on holiday with you have a word with Fr. James. Teddy Luke has his own Facebook page as well as posting pictures of his travels here. Occasionally Teddy Luke travels with his Guinea Pig friend Gerald, but that's another story...........! 

St. George's Chapel Rhodes

St. George's Chapel Rhodes

St. Andrew's Abbey Brugge

St. Andrew's Abbey Brugge. (With Gerald & Geraldine)

Steam Train IOW

Third Class Steam on the Isle of Wight

Light refreshment in Rome

Light refreshment in Rome

Cruising in Bulgeria

On board a Cruise Ship in Bulgaria

Teddy Luke Bishop

Surprise Episcopal Visitation!

Teddy Luke Sun

When the going gets tough!